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Friday, March 8, 2013

Pool noodles are not just for pools anymore!

Hello This is me...
 Debbie Brooks Riffel , ok so it was a few years ago, but you can see my profile pix for an update:)  and my intentions are to create a blog that will share ideas that I have found in magazines, from others, thought of myself and found on Pinterest that I have actually done!  I will also tell you if they worked or not and why. This is where it becomes your blog. You can add yours as well and you can help when one of us are in trouble with a project or say well done when you enjoyed it! 

1st Installment (why do I feel like a bank when I say that?)
Today  is a cloudy, warm day and I am seriously thinking of springtime, gardens and shorts!  Which has led me to my first topic: pool noodles.  I know, I know, pool noodles? Yes! They are amazingly cheap (at the Dollar Store for $1, weird right?:) and they just got them in so you should be able to easily find them! Today I found 2 fun things to do with them and actually did them.
Warning: these projects took a hugh amount of time...both together probably 10 mins. ok, maybe 9.
1. Go to the Dollar Store and stock up on pool noodles because there will be more projects on the way.
2. Get a knife and a sharpie pen.
3. Go to your closet and get out your boots, short, tall, yes we love them all!
4. Put a noodle in your boot! (That sounds mean doesn't it! teehee But it's totally not!) and mark with a sharpie right above the top of your boot.  (Mark it a bit higher than the boot so you can remove it without reaching in when you are ready to wear them.) Turn noodle over and insert in 2nd boot and mark slightly above the top.  Remove noodle and cut through on both marks.  (serrated knife works great) and the floaties do not "crumble" like styrofoam.  
5. Put the 2 measured pieces in your boots and voilà ! you have boot forms!  I even used the center piece left over for a pair of ankle boots, so 1 floatie did 1 pair of tall and 1 pair of short boots!
That's 50 cents for support for your boots not to fall over!AND if you have problems with stinky books you can put a piece of newspaper in the end of the floatie, fill with activated charcoal (or baking soda) and plug the other end up with newspaper and that will absorb the odor.  I had tried just rolling newspapers up with rubber bands around to put in the boots but the tops kept falling over.

Ok so 2nd project for the day.  As I mentioned it is warming up and soon the electric blanket will be coming off the bed.  But I always feel like my feet are "tucked in" because the sheets and covers lay on
I took a pool noodle and put it under my mattress pad at the bottom and now my feet and toes are still warm but free to wiggle! :)
Bed without noodle at the bottom
Put in that noodle!
Add some "lift" (about 2 1/2") depending on your noodle

you really can't even see the noodle!
Looks normal from any angle!

It raises the blanket about 2 1/2". You can zip tie several together if you want a higher rise! Great bonus: you can roll the arch of your feet on them and it is like a mini massage! (no need to get out that tennis ball for it, it is now built right into your bed!)
A couple of other uses for noodles...ok, I had to use my mom's stuffed bears as a subs for a baby but here it is:

Use it to "prop" up your wee one in a photograph just like the pro's do!  (There is a noodle under that blanket) and it doesn't slip and it is soft on the precious babies.

Well welcome to ez4u2do!  Please tell your friends, then as the title says "Get it together! Then share it!"
My email is   Send any comments about this blog and ask to be added to posts your ideas.  No questionable behavior, language or content.

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