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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Get Vegucated about what you are eating!

Do you know that the weed killer Roundup has now been genetically spliced into seeds? They are called GMO seeds or genetically modified organisms. It is not just sprayed on the food so you perhaps can get some of it washed off.  It is spliced into the DNA of the seed itself!  These seeds by the way are, for the most part, OWNED by Monsanto.  WHEN did the American public decide it was OK for living things like seeds to be OWNED?!  Now, unless you use their seeds you most often do not qualify for government subsidized loans.

As a matter of fact, if you are trying to use the seeds that have been preserved since your great, great, great grandparents time and they are pure,  heirloom seeds and your neighbors are using GMO seeds and some of them blow onto your farm (and they will) Monsanto will sue you for illegally planting THEIR seeds since they own them!  Even though they have contaminated your pure, heirloom seeds! 

Very rarely has anyone won against Monsanto.  Many farmers have lost their farms because of the cost of lawyers to defend them against Monsanto. Also  in the offing is "terminator technology" in which seeds they sell to the farmers will be sterile upon harvest so the farmers will not be able to keep seeds for next year and will have to come back and buy more from them. They say they have not done this but it seems like they are being politically correct about it.

No one has to date, that I am aware of, put this technology in practice but every farmer that buys their seeds much sign a legal agreement with Monsanto that they will not save seeds from their own harvest.  But with GMO's who would want them to?!  Check it out for yourself!

Now for the great news! It is not too late! We have time to take back our health!  Plantastic! This is the season to plant your own food.  Live in an apartment?  Plant in containers!  Buy local, support your local farmers and get NON-GMO, fresh not trucked in 1500 miles (yes it is!) and healthy food. Find out the truth about what you are buying in the stores and putting in your families bodies, big pockets aren't going to tell you.  Food is the problem and food is the answer to our health problems! When, as the video says, wheelchairs are being bought and sold like cars...folks we need to turn it around!  

The video link below has videos that address : A guerrilla gardener in South Central LA; Why we're storing billions of seeds;How to grow fresh air and so much more!
It starts as a seemingly small....

we use all the land, both big and small!

Watch as they grow and are ready to be....

healthy, good food for my neighbors and me!

Start with one little seed or plant and watch and  you'll see,  food for your table and seeds for more next year free!

They were just tiny NON-GMO seeds and slowly they are growing and getting ready to fill our stomachs and bodies with healthy, nutritious food! By the way, the dictionary lists nutritious as:
Nourishing; efficient as food.

When food isn't efficient anymore WE ALL need to step up to the plate and make a change...for our children and our grandchildren!  Start with a single seed....  buy one thing that is clean and healthy from your local farmer.  Get to know them, ask questions at your stores and find out where the food they sell comes from.

Dieting is a national pastime. While the number of Americans who diet varies, depending on the source, the Boston Medical Center indicates that approximately 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight-loss products in their pursuit of a trimmer, fitter body.

Read more:
If you are dieting anyway take this challenge because it is an all natural, what you would do anyway diet!

I challenge you to take the 100 mile diet!
Most food in stores are trucked in on an average of 1500 miles and are, on the average, already 2 weeks old.  At a farmer's market they are generally picked the night before and sometimes even that morning and are coming from around 15 miles away.  Just think how much longer it will stay edible in your frig with that freshness! If you don't have to toss as much it isn't more expensive! So for 1 month, buy local food that has been brought in from less than 100 miles.  Ask questions, make sure it is not a GMO food product, that it is organic and ask if it is heirloom.  We take more time to pick out a car than we do our food!  

Determine this month not to grab the cart, walk mindlessly in your supermarket and throw in the same old "regulars".  Come on, what have you got to lose?  WONDERFUL THINGS THAT'S WHAT!  Chemicals, toxins, food already out of it's peak freshness.  What do you gain?  A healthier body, boosting your local economy, helping your neighbor farmers, showing your kids what their bodies need to be strong and healthy, reversing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar (this may take a few more months but many have done it and are now pill and shot free!

While you are eating that wonderful fresh food here is a free movie for you! Truck Farming, yep, they plant it right in the truck and bring it to your door, check it out! Thanks to for sharing this information with everyone!

Want to know more? Here is a great website that lists the 10 top food documentaries:

Also for a wonderful source of great seeds try Baker Creek, I bought mine there and they strive to make everything the way it is suppose to be!  Plus you can see things like a red carrot....yes they are all natural and real!  If you have the privilege of going to one of their festivals I encourage you to! They are wonderful!
Their website is (and no I don't get anything from anyone I endorse):

So whether you are one person or a family of 12, you can eat to live a better life! Start now, there is still time to plant that one little plant! It is like this blog: EZ4U2DO!

and remember,
It's all fun and games until somebody gets an idea! :)  

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