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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I knew you when...and you were just a baby!

Sometimes things coming full circle feels more like a steamroller.  Time really does have a way of sneaking up on us, one day you look in your back yard and you see an adorable little blonde-haired boy face down blowing bubbles in the kiddie pool with your little girls and his baby sister all giggling with glee and egging him on in his shenanigans.  The next second they are all munching down triangle shaped pb&j, and baloney sandwiches with kool aid looking like soaked rats. Next you are reading the book he has written.  What happened?!  Time, that's what.  It didn't just happen to him you realize while the pride swells up in you at his accomplishment, it happened to you too.

Maybe because it happened to you too you can relate and enjoy the experiences this little blonde-haired boy turned kind-hearted man has written about in his book "Meat In A Seat" The kind young man that will hopefully understand that while you were reading it, you were getting steamrolled a bit and forgive you for taking over a year to write a review on it!

Take the journey of this teenager as he discovers the perils and treasures of driving a big rig along life's highway.  You may be shocked to find that there is a life of crying, laughing and wonderment even inside a truck's cab, because the trip is really in your mind.

Download it now from:

His mom has been my bud for more years than I am willing to tell you! But I will tell you how very proud she is of him and should be.  All of his family along with friends eagerly wait to see where the journey called life will take him next and will he include us on his trip? I so hope he does.

 His use of adjectives can transport you to the very feelings and places he occupies.  I feel like I know Al and all the characters in the book. I have seen the vast plains and I have stood side by side with Chris as he marveled at the majesty of the waterfall.  I too have wondered if the only imprint I will leave in this world is my backside on a chair.  Well done Chris! Thanks for the journey....I am packed and ready for another!
Loved you then, love ya now!
Mom was reading us the words, but you were taking us on the journey!
Remember, it's all fun and games until somebody gets an idea! Great idea Chris! ...and you're right, machismo can be harsh sometimes, even to ladies!
It is ez4u2do! Love till later,

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