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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Forward to the past!

FACT: The world population is rapidly ageing, Boomers are the next "older" generation

Between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of the world's population over 60 years will double from about 11% to 22%. The absolute number of people aged 60 years and over is expected to increase from 605 million to 2 billion over the same period.
The functional capacity of an individual's biological system increases during the first years of life, reaches its peak in early adulthood and naturally declines thereafter. The rate of decline is determined, at least in part, by our lifestyle and environment throughout life. Factors include what we eat, how physically active we are and our exposure to health risks such as those caused by smoking, harmful consumption of alcohol, or exposure to toxic substances.
Back to the Future, great movie right? But it is now 2015
 (as in the movie time travel) and I think it is time to go Forward to the Past! By that I don't mean we can ignore our aging bodies or do something other humanly to regain our youth. What can we do then? We can realize that we have less Sundays in our lives than ever before and also know that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES! Hate workouts? Me too...some of them. I love walking the Botanical gardens, so I do. Find something you like and do it, just MOVE. Why? If you don't, someone may have to move you around later. Yes that could happen anyway, but if you HAVE the choice, and you do, why not start now? Maybe all you can do is sit in a chair and raise one leg a few inches at a time, that is great! It will work! Keep at it!
In true baby boomer style, however, they will probably do these things in a new way. Boomers are expected to live longer than any previous generation of Americans. Of the 3.4 million born in 1946 -- including Bill Clinton, George and Laura Bush, Donald Trump, Susan Sarandon, Steven Spielberg, and Sylvester Stallone -- 2.8 million are still alive. The men can expect to live another 22 years, the women another 25.
One big question looms over these developments: Will those years be vigorous and healthy, or will baby boomers sink into the pain and disability of chronic disease? A lot hangs on the answer."The influence of aging on society depends on which view you accept," Gary Burtless, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, tells WebMD. "Longer life spans would be a burden if additional years were spent in a frail, dependent condition, but I don't hold that pessimistic view. I think there's a lot of evidence that people are healthier mentally and physically than they used to be."

Another thing we can do is start to take nutrition more seriously! Yes we all have our "family favorites" but unless you were raised by a health nut, I imagine "favorites" doesn't translate into healthy very well. Sure it may be chocked full of protein, and.....wayyy to much cholesterol? Great for fiber, overpacked with salt? 
I recommended Recipe for Rehab to help you translate some of your favorites into healthy family favorites. You are what you eat...and think.
or somewho who is encouraging you to overcome old, mediocre habits and starting small step at a time, rebuild your body and strength. Do everything you can to make sure that you can take care of yourself for as long as you can and still be able to do those things you want to do! 

Don't care to do it for yourself? How about for your children and grandchildren? 
Will today's children die earlier than their parents?
This argument has great evidence for yes and no but it is for certain that  though they may live longer their quality of life may be low.
Maybe we should say for ourselves, you are what you eat and what is eating you (take your thoughts captive!) but for our children, whom we are molding we must say you are what we teach you and feed you. This is an awesome blessing and responsibility! 

Can I really make a difference?

Yes! Choosing healthy foods and being physically active may not come naturally to everyone. But, like just about anything, these healthy choices can be learned and become a habit. As a parent or caregiver, you are a role model and have the ability to influence your child’s environment. Even small changes in your family’s eating and exercise habits can have a big impact on your child’s health.

Let's start today, do one thing, however small. Your body will reward you huge for that one small thing! I am juicing today. That is my one small thing.

3 sweet potatoes, 2 apples, 12-16 oz. strawberries and a splash of cinnamon! EZ

 Post on facebook what one small thing you did today for yourself to make your "forward to the past" better and you will not only encourage yourself but inspire others as well!

Love you guys and want to see you out in public, not in the nursing home, let's start now, let's to it today, one step at a time,and let's do it together!

It's all just fun and games until we all work together, then it can be fun, games and healthy! Plus it is EZ4U2do!

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