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Friday, October 25, 2013

The $12 Billion Dollar Gluten Free it today only!

This journey finding out about celiac is a winding one.  After being gluten free for a month, today I ate a hershey bar and was in such pain I was carefully watching for a 4th child to be birthed! THAT would have been a miracle!  Fast forward another month.  Missing bread, rolls, pumpkin spice donuts from Krispy Kreme (they are seasonal :( .  I miss sandwiches!  Healthy ones, from Subway. But they are deadly to me.  So in my infinite wisdom, I decide to have some multi-grain bread.  Pain and well, how do you put it delicately? Well, with a one-liner of course! Here goes...If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it? My answer...NOOO!!!!!!

I haven't had gluten in about 2 months and I am light headed, tired and have a flat stomach and no more bloating.  I am listening to The Wheat Belly on CD (book is on hold!).  I have learned the following:
1. Our wheat, like most things, are not our parents or grandparents wheat.  It has been hybridized with soy and mushroom proteins.  (some a bit toxic).  It is now called dwarf wheat. Many people's body's are adapting.  But about 1% is attacking itself from the gluten produced by the new protein and of the 99% left, 1/2 are gluten intolerent, meaning their bodies have trouble with it and it could turn into Celiac if left untreated. (ie: changing your diet, eating gluten free).  The rest are ok and have gut friendly responses to the new gluten. btw you can be gluten intolerant and have no symptoms.  It is free to stop gluten and see if you feel better!

2.I have learned that many people who eat well, and get exercise  yet can't lose weight might want to take gluten out of their  diets. The ones who did this dropped weight easily with no additonal changes to their diets or exercise. They also had the added benefit of losing the "bloating" they always thought were their big belly.  Thus the name of the book The Wheat Belly!

3.I have learned that wheat, and when I say wheat, I mean gluten, all gluten! Barley, malt etc., can now cross the brain/blood barrier and things like autism, schizophrenia, depression and many things like it are affected by the new dwarf wheat.

4.So....I was told to buy gluten free foods.  I wiped out my cabinet and gave way most all of my food because it had gluten.  Even broths can have wheat (they add it to things to make it thicker and make if feel richer so you think you are getting more for your money).  Nuts are sometimes coated in it to keep them dry.  I was told to not even buy foods that say "may be manufactured in a plant that processes wheat".  It is that serious. You know when you unwrap a stick of gum?  It doesn't stick because of the gluten on the paper.

5. So back to the cd's.  I hear it say, "If you are supposed to go gluten free, don't go gluten free with gluten free labeled foods! They contain corn, tapioca, potato , rice starch.  These starches work your body harder than regular sugar.  You might as well just eat a candy bar.  It is good, but hurtful and not good for any of the things you are trying to achieve.  What a shock!  I had by the time restocked with products marked gluten free!  I have put on 2.2 pounds! :(  Now I know why.... Plus like sugar, the starches are making me hungry all the time it seems.   

There is a way to go gluten free and/or eat healthier for lower weight, blood sugar, cholestrol, etc.  Start here, I am headed to watch it now.... I would love you feedback, experiences etc.!

I have a lot more but I want to post this link to help you eat healthier and it is only available today! click the link right below to see the 34 minute free education on your health! (or copy and paste)

Jordan Reasoner

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