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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BYOPizza? :)

Want it the way you want it? You've found it with Build your own pizza! They have your expected pizza choices but to the max and beyond and even people with gluten issues can now dine out! (They use new gloves, utensils and a separate oven!  You can have your pizza cooked in 90 secs! Gluten free crusts come only in the 10" size so I had enough for supper too!  First you pick your crust, (yep, lots of different kinds and you can even get garlic butter on top of it with parm BEFORE you even add the sauce! Then you pick a sauce, are you daring or traditional? Third add toppings, crazy number of choices! Ok I forgot, you even choose your cheese and they even have vegan mozzarella!  The food tasted wonderful, and do you remember the old fountain drinks where you can mix everything together? They have 101 different choices! The selection of salad ingredients are amazing!  A daily special offers a 6 inch pizza, salad and drink for  $8.49.  We did have to wait a bit, but it was well worth the wait!  We got to speak with the head manager who helps set up the new stores they are opening and trains them and helps the new owner see a return on their investment and during the conversation he mentioned that when the minimum wage goes up his people will be so well trained and good at their jobs that they will be worth it!  He was friendly and really did want to make you enjoy your experience and hear what you had to say. Great food, friendly people, fair price, where else would you want to go?! See how many stars I gave them at this link!

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