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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In Memory of Coach Dick Birmingham...we miss you already!

KSPR just announced that Coach Dick Birmingham has passed. His service will be Sat. at 10. These photos were taken at our 2010 reunion where he and his beautiful wife attended. I had put under the caption for the second photo " I remember this same hand position from high school! Of course I thought maybe you wanted to choke a couple of us!" We were, after all, high school students! He was a wonderful teacher, friend and coach! He still cared about us after all these years!  I had Coach Birmingham as a teacher in high school and he actually made learning fun with his sense of humor so he was a wonderful teacher as well as coach.  I remember one time (when he was getting follicle-ly challenged) :) a classmate went up to his desk to "ask a question" and when Coach was looking down at the student's paper, the student was pretending to use coach's head for a mirror to comb his hair.  Coach looked up and saw it, then just as quickly burst out laughing! That is the sense of humor he used to encourage awkward,unsure kids to see that life could be good and to make us feel that we could trust him and we could!  Thank you for all you did for us! God bless you Coach! Prayers for his beautiful wife Rosemary and his family.
Coach Birmingham is in several Halls of Fame, including those for the American Baseball Coaches Association, the Missouri Baseball Coaches Association, the Iowa Baseball Coaches Association and the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame.  The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inducted him in 2002.
Fifteen of his Hillcrest players were drafted by Major League Baseball.

Coach we will remember you will gratitude and smiles, thank you.

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