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Thursday, November 9, 2017

πŸ‘€ Dollar Store Crafts by Nicole Clayton πŸ‘€

 Are you looking for something cost effective and quick for a Christmas gift? Well who isn't right?! How does less than even $4 per gift sound? Dollar Store pins are popular right now so check out my niece Nicole Clayton's projects


Here are her instructions: 
I made these today, from all dollar tree items. $7 total for two. If anyone wants to make some, all you do is buy a picture frame, a gift bag that has areas that could have lights, strands of battery powered lights and a package of batteries. Cut the bag to fit in the frame. Arrange the lights on the back where you want them to shine through and tape them down. Put the back on the frame, and I taped any remaining lights to the back as well, pop in the batteries and voila!! I think they’re pretty neat!!

NOTE! there is no need to cut holes to put the lights through, just tape them to the back. She also says not all dollar stores have these bags so check for them near you. This would be cute as a baby gift with a baby themed sack, birthday gift with the birthday boy/girl's interest on the sack.
A great big thanks to Nicole for sharing! It would make a great teacher's gift too!

How about some great holiday pillows on a budget is like wish .com prices with al mode looks!

Also another thing I’m doing I bought the really nice cloth placemats at dollar tree and I’m sewing them together and making pillows for my couch

Ok, when you order now you get the second tip for free and you only pay shipping and handling! ok this is all free! lol 

This is still drying. But it’s a $2 dollar project. 
Dollar tree soap dispenser. Gift tag. Mod podge.

Thank you Nicki! These are great ideas and they definitely are ....
ez4u2do !
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everybody! 

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