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Monday, April 1, 2013

He is Risen indeed! (bunny & chic bread shapes)

Easter is a precious holiday!" Jesus is Risen" echos throughout the ages into our hearts.  That is a gift that we really can't fully comprehend, though by faith He proves Himself true day by day!  It is truly cause for a celebration!  Celebrate is something that we do in our family! Then have wonderful memories, maybe if you are lucky some regrets at eating too much and even more reasons to be grateful.  It may be a bit too late to use this year, but I thought you might enjoy seeing some Easter ideas anyway.  I tried the Rhodes bread bunny.  He started out looking just like a bunny, then it said "let rise for 20 mins.". Yea, don't believe 'em!  When I came back, it looked more like a pig! Hey, I will share my "oops" with you too. We can help each other that way.  In any case I think I would just let it set for 10 mins. next time...or even easier buy a large and a small round bread and a couple of french breads for ears already baked!  Anyway, I was bringing the salad so I decided to do a bunny salad bar.  Here it is:
The bunny bread is in the middle and at the bottom are baby greens with spinach under that.
In the bowls surrounding him are:
roasted sweet potatoes
roasted spring asparagus
pineapple chunks
black beans (rinsed from can)
grated carrots 
pumpkin seeds
slivered almonds (which were his teeth too)
raisins (his eyes)
cubed pickled beets and well I don't remember!
I did try the bird bread, they came out better:
Roll a long piece of dough about 12" then tie it, one end is the head, the other the tail. Put an almond sliver for the beak and cut the tail to make 3 feathers. They recommended putting cloves in for eyes after it was baked, but I just used cake decorating pens and dotted on the eyes, that way they are edible!

Well, I had so much more I wanted to get on here.  Maybe another post on Easter again soon.  Have a wonderful week and think about all the yummy things you are going to plant in your garden!

It's all fun and games until somebody gets an idea! :)

Thanks for the great mashed potatoes Derek and Heather you did a wonderful job at decorating! Clair we loved the strawberry shortcake.  One day I want to feature you with your scone recipe! 

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