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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pool noodles part 2

Well you asked for it and I aim to please! Pool Noodles part 2!  Hope you find the video helpful.  Thank you so much for watching and please tell your friends!  Remember, it is EZ 4 U 2 DO

Below are the pictures I promised! Hope they help!

Cover a sharp edge with a noodle! (Red would look like a heart!)
Keep little fingers from owies in swinging doors.
I had 2 "prongs" I had to cut slits for to make the computer stand noodle fit, it is so much more comfortable!

It will not scratch your furniture now, or hurt your lap
and it doesn't slide off as easily! :)

Q: What kind of exercises are best for a swimmer? A: Pool-ups! 

So "pool" your resources and use your noodle to let your creativity shine!  Don't forget to put your ideas in the comments section.  If you would like to be featured just let me know!  I learned to share from Sesame Street. :)

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