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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If you are in the Springfield Mo. area

We complain when people or businesses don't do their job so I think we ought to "tell on" them when they are exceptional! I needed some plumbing work done and Jana Barton referred me to Lonney Smith owner of Wee-Bee Plumbing. He is a licensed, insured Master Plumber and is funny and actually makes needing repairs less painful! His phone number is 417-229-9159. He has a faucet as a hood ornament and his license plate....well I'll just let you read it when you use his services! Keep his number in your book in case you ever need help, I give him the full 5 stars! Thanks again Jana! I think she said that Lana Erven Thomas gave her his number so Lana thank you too! Oh and he got here in a timely manner and he is reasonabily priced too!

Lonney Smith owner of Wee Bee Plumbing

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